Jeanine Parolini

I love my laveo dry fresh toilet in the van!

It is one of the smartest choices I made in the build of my van. It's easy to use, there's no smell, and there's no black tank to empty 🙂 Truly, this is an excellent toilet and I would highly recommend it.

Jen Wright

I absolutely love my toilet!!!!

I have it in my Van and it is awesome!!!! It is so simple when people rent itI have only had to charge it twice in a year and the owner answered all my questions!!! He was very thorough in explaining everything.I would just be sure to use pee powder! I forgot a couple times in beginning and when I would go up a hill I could faintly notice a smell.Once I figured out the powered made all the difference ! No smell!!! I leave it “half full” for a long time because I don’t use my Van often, no problem!

Henry Szlenkier

Easy Peasy, Nice and Easy.

I recently purchased several products to up-fit my van for travel and the Laveo toilet was the best value for the dollar and most effective product and appreciated product I bought. No electricity to hook up (beside the provided battery), No water hook up, No holes to drill, No venting.Sturdy construction, well packaged and easy to use. I even got a hand signed thank you note in the packaging which included the owner’s personal phone number.When I called on Easter Sunday to leave a message to say thank you for a well built product, the owner answered the phone and was super friendly and appreciative for the call. Bravo!

Robert Alberga

I am an owner of a laveo dry flush toilet.

This is a convenient solution for camping, outdoor shed, boating when there is no other means of a bathroom. This toilet is well built and ready when you are. It’s made completely in America. The staff at this company are always there for the customer and ready to assist. I would recommend this product to anyone. God bless an American company and product. Robert , R. I.

Kathleen Brill

I purchased a 48-year-old houseboat, and the head was no longer approved in the waters of New Jersey.

I couldn't afford to buy and install holding tanks and searched high and low on the internet for alternatives. I even tried a bucket with a toilet seat and kitty litter. Going to the bathroom into kitty litter was hard to do. My three-year-old grandson walked in, looked at the toilet and said "Mum-mum, I not a cat". Finally, at 1 a.m. on a worknight I found your website and yelled "this is it!". The dry-flush toilet is wonderful and even after a year it is still a conversation piece among my guests. They always say that it reminds them of jiffy pop! lol Laveo helped me to make my houseboat a home. I LOVE IT. The customer service is amazing. I called with a question and within moments they texted me a video of how to charge the toilet. You don't see that kind of service anymore, but Laveo makes it happen.

Chris C

Very well-designed product.

First test was on a camping trip with a dozen people and it performed flawlessly, much to the delight of the campers! Clean, odorless, and reliable. Nothing like it on the market.

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