Use Laveo Dry Flush for Boating

What happens when someone needs to go tothe bathroom while riding on a cruiser, sailboat, pontoon boat or other watercraft?

The Perfect Toilet for Boating

- Patented Waste Bagging System
- Lightweight but Durable (tested up to 550lb)
- Full Size Toilet and Normal Height
- No Water, No Chemicals
- Fully Portable & Rechargeable

Add it all up, and Laveo Dry Flush is an excellent choice and a smart investment in the comfort and convenience of all who ride on your boat!

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Why Laveo™ by Dry Flush for your Sailboat, Cruiser, or Pontoon?


For comfort, the seat and height are standard toilet sizes. When done, users simply push the flush button as they would with a traditional toilet. However, instead of requiring water, extensive plumbing or expensive chemicals, the proprietary Laveo double-layered barrier bag automatically encloses urine and stool in a spill-resistant, odorless way. The dispenser automatically brings in new, clean barrier bag material for the next flush. As an option, a cushion seat cover adding another seat and covering the toilet is available. A floor pedestal is also available to help to keep the toilet dry.

The Capacity

Each barrier bag cartridge can handle an average of 15 flushes, or 25 uses if you use our Pee Powder. Once full, a cartridge may be easily removed and stored on board in a sanitary, odorless way. Once the boat returns to dock, the cartridge may be discarded in a trash container. There is no dirty water to dump or chemicals to pour. Installing a new cartridge on the water or while docked, takes less than one minute.


The self-contained Laveo Dry Flush portable toilet uses 12V DC power with 4.9 amp flush and 0.0 amp idle. Power options include long-life rechargeable batteries, solar chargers and AC adaptors. A charger cable is included. Other options include comfort lift package, handrails, floor tray, tote carrying strap, mounting brackets, privacy shelters, and custom colors. The “go anywhere” Laveo toilet may be permanently floor-mounted or easily removed, utilized elsewhere, and re-installed in the watercraft whenever needed.

A Breakthrough in Boating Comfort & Convenience!

The Laveo™ portable electric toilet by Dry Flush
is an innovative and practical solution to this common, awkward dilemma. The waterless, odorless, chemical-free, no-freeze, low-maintenance and compact portable electric toilet measures 16”W x 20”D x 18”H and weighs just 29 lbs.

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